"America did not exist.  Four centuries of work, of bloodshed, of loneliness and fear created this land.  We built America and the process made us Americans - a new breed, rooted in all races, stained and tinted with all colors, a seeming ethnic anarchy.  Then in a little, little time, we became more alike than we were different - a new society; not great, but fitted by our very faults of greatness, E Pluribus Unum." -John Steinbeck, 1966


“In the 1500s, the terms ‘America,’ ‘Pacific,’ and ‘Atlantic’ became common, but they are only new stories layered over older stories. What the scientists call North America, the elders call Mashkiki-minis, Turtle Island. The land, like the truth, has always been, and will always be, shifting.” -Margaret Noodin, 2014