AM ST Course Descriptions

AM ST 303: American Studies History and Theory

-Offers a historical, theoretical, and practical overview of the discipline of American Studies.

AM ST 304: American Studies Methodologies and Writing Practices

-Offers students a practical grounding in American Studies methodologies and approaches to writing.

AM ST 300: Literature and Cultures of the American West

-Literature and cultural representations of the American West and the frontier.

AM ST 360: Film in American Culture

-Selected readings, lectures, and analysis of specific motion pictures as social documents, reflecting different facets of the American experience.

AM ST 390R: Topics in American Studies

-Multidisciplinary study of a carefully defined problem in American culture. Topics vary.

AM ST 392R: American Studies Lecture Series

-Introduce research in American Studies and Western American Studies. Speakers from BYU and other institutions share their research. Students engage with lecturers by developing questions, then evaluate and write about ideas.

AM ST 399R: Academic Internship

-Examining the American experience from a variety of standpoints. Honing skills in writing; literary criticism; historical research; and social, political, and economic analysis.


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