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Business and Accounting

Many American Studies majors may enter the fields of business and accounting immediately after graduating with their BA. The critical thinking required of American Studies majors is a great preparation for the business world. Especially useful to American Studies students pursuing this track will be completing at least one or two internships in their area of career interest. Up to 6 credit hours of internship experience may be counted toward the American Studies major. Undergraduates wishing to enter business or accounting upon graduation may also benefit from pairing their American Studies major with one of the following minors: Actuarial Science; Advertising; Design Thinking; Economics; Localization; Manufacturing; Business; Entrepreneurship; Global Business; Literacy; Strategy; Landscape Management; and Travel and Tourism Study. Some American Studies majors will decide to pursue graduate work in business or accounting, including the Masters of Business Administration, Masters of Public Administration, or Masters of Accountancy. These degrees may be required for some professional certifications and heightened access to management roles.