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Stay-at-home Parent

Some students may not plan on pursuing a career after graduating with their undergraduate degree, or they may plan on delaying career plans until another phase of their life. Instead of looking for a degree that will lead directly to a career, they may be looking for a degree that has the potential to be intellectually, ethically, and spiritually enriching, leaving future career possibilities open but not placing them at the forefront of the educational experience. They may be looking for a degree that will afford them the flexibility to take many different courses on many different topics that may be useful as they interact with and teach their family members. American Studies offers this flexibility, and if students are interested in a broad and intellectually inspiring educational experience that can benefit family life and that they can carry with them for the rest of their lives, American Studies may be an extremely good fit. Through Requirement 4, career preparation is built into the American Studies major, requiring either a career-related minor or a career-related internship. In this case, Requirement 4 may offer the student a useful opportunity to gain experience or career perspectives that may be useful during another phase of life.