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Winter 2022 American Studies Offerings


The following courses are offered at BYU during Winter Semester 2022. Only the course number, title, instructor, and prerequisites are listed here. For more information on these courses go to the course catalog through myBYU. (*)NOTE: Because of the nature of the American Studies major students can often waive the prerequisites that are required for some classes. If you would like to take a class that requires prerequisites which you have not taken, contact the instructor and ask for permission to add the class.

Requirement 1 Courses

ECON 110- Economic Principles and Problems

Instructor: Brignone, Moody, Platt, Dean, Kearl, Butler, Pope
Format: Classroom

IHUM 261—Introduction to American Humanities 1: Colonial to 1877

Instructor: Allen Christenson
Format: Classroom

IHUM 262—Introduction to American Humanities 2: 1877 to Present

Instructor: Doug Cunningham
Format: Classroom

POLI 110—American Government and Politics

Instructor: Coombs, Monson
Format: On-Demand Remote Delivery

Requirement 2 and Requirement 5 Courses

AM ST 304—Methods and Writing Practices

Instructor: Mary Eyring
Format: Classroom

AM ST 490—Senior Capstone

Instructor: Kerry Soper
Format: Classroom
Topic: Comedy and Satire

Requirement 3- Elective Courses

Art History:

ARTHC 365- American Architecture

Instructor: Kathy Shaw
Format: Classroom

American Studies:

AM ST 360- Film in American Culture

Instructor: Dennis Cutchins
Format: Classroom


ANTH 346- Anthropology of Mormonism

Instructor: Ed Andrus
Format: Classroom


COMMS 302- Popular Culture and Media

Instructor: Scott Church
Format: Classroom, On-demand Remote Delivery

English Language:

ELANG 322- Modern American Usage

Instructor: Debbie Harrison
Format: Classroom


ENGL 293- American Literary History

Instructor: Lawrence, Cutler, Steiner
Format: Classroom

ENGL 384R- Author Studies - Marilynne Robinson

Instructor: Makayla Steiner
Format: Classroom

ENGL 388R- American Lit Before 1800

Instructor: Brice Peterson
Format: Classroom

ENGL 389R – American Lit After 1800

Instructor: Cutler, Hickman
Format: Classroom

ENGL 392- American Folklore

Instructor: Eric Eliason
Format: Classroom


GEOG 250- US and Canada 

Instructor: Daniel Olsen
Format: Classroom

Global Women’s Studies:

GWS 332- History of Latter-Day Saint Women 

Instructor: Rachel Cope
Format: Classroom


HIST 218- Family & Law in American History 

Instructor: Karen Aumen
Format: Classroom

HIST 293- World War II in History and Memory 

Instructor: Aaron Skabelund
Format: Classroom

HIST 361- American West Since 1900

Instructor: Brian Cannon
Format: Classroom

HIST 364- Utah 

Instructor: Jeff Nokes
Format: Classroom

HIST 367- Slavery in America

Instructor: Matthew Mason
Format: Classroom


MUSIC 204- Intro to Jazz 

Instructor: Ron Saltmarsh
Format: Classroom

Political Science:

POLI 312- American Judicial Politics

Instructor: Christopher Krewson
Format: Classroom

POLI 319R- Topics in American Government and Politics

Instructor: Adam Dynes
Format: Classroom

POLI 376- US Foreign Policy 

Instructor: Gentry Jenkins
Format: Classroom

POLI 420- Constitutional Law: American Federal System 

Instructor: Paul Edwards
Format: Classroom

POLI 421- Constitutional Law: Rights and Immunities

Instructor: Chris Krewson
Format: Classroom


REL C 341- Joseph Smith and the Restoration 1805 to 1845 

Instructor: Hedges, Dirkmaat
Format: Classroom

REL C 342- Pioneers and Persecution 1846 to 1899 

Instructor: Hedges, Watkins
Format: Classroom

REL C 343- Modern Church 1900 to Present 

Instructor: Mary Jane Woodger
Format: Classroom

REL C 353- American Christianity

 Instructor: JB Haws
Format: Classroom


SOC 323- Sociology of Race and Ethnicity

Instructor: Gabriel, Rugh
Format: Classroom


Span 452- US Latinx Literature

Instructor: Brian Price
Format: Classroom

The following courses can be counted toward the major if pre-approved by the Program Coordinator, Brian Roberts.

HIST 396- The Historical Narrative: A Writing Workshop
Instructor: Jenny Pulsipher
Format: Classroom