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Writing and Editing

The core courses in the American Studies major provide excellent writing instruction and encourage a keen eye for detail. The major’s dedication to helping students develop strong writing skills is showcased in our two advanced writing courses, first AM ST 304 and then AMST 490, both of which are required and which build on each other so must be taken in order. In complement to these core writing courses, students complete 27 hours of America-oriented elective courses offered by departments across campus. Each of these courses requires a significant writing assignment, affording students many opportunities to practice and enhance the skills they develop in AM ST 304 and 490. Taking courses in many different disciplines also provides students with the invaluable opportunity of learning to write skillfully in many different contexts and according to many different conventions. All American Studies students benefit from this training in writing, but it is an especially important foundation for students who are pursuing careers in writing and editing. By building on this training, and strategically seeking internships in writing and editing, students may go on to careers with newspapers, magazines, publishing houses, and other organizations that depend on writers and editors. The Editing minor and the Digital Humanities & Technology minor may be especially interesting to American Studies majors seeking to enter editing and publishing. Students interested in these careers are especially encouraged to become editors of the American Studies Program’s student-run journal of American cultural criticism, Americana.