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Frank Christianson

Professor and Associate Dean, College of Humanities

4002 JFSB

Teaching Experience

I teach courses on nineteenth-century literature in the US and Britain. My favorite classes include English 293 American Literary History, English 364 Literature and Culture of the American West.


I am interested in the ways writing and other cultural practices shape communal identity, particularly at the national level. Much of my work is comparative, exploring the connections and influences between America and Britain in the industrial age.

Selected Publications

  • The Popular Frontier: Buffalo Bill’s Wild West and Transnational Mass Culture, University of Oklahoma Press (Editor).
  • Philanthropic Discourse in Anglo-American Literature, Indiana University Press (Co-Editor).
  • The Wild West in England, By William F. Cody. University of Nebraska Press (Editor).
  • The Life of Hon. William F. Cody. By William F. Cody. University of Nebraska Press (Editor).
  • Philanthropy in British and American Fiction: Dickens, Hawthorne, Eliot, and Howells. Edinburgh University Press.


I currently serve as an associate dean in the College of Humanities. My primary focus is student development including experiential education, career readiness, and mentored research.

Citizenship assignments

  • International Study Programs Advisory Council
  • Advisement Integration Council
  • Study Abroad for GE Executive Committee
  • University Council on Teacher Education